Top 5 Places to Visit in Xiamen

Top 5 Places to Visit in Xiamen

Planning for Xiamen?? But getting confused about the appropriate places to visit and things to do in the new city then this information may assist you to make a memorable tour in Xiamen. Xiamen is a coastal city situated at southeastern China in Fujian Province. In ancient time Xiamen was one of the China’s earliest Special Economic Zones in 1980s. The most wonderful thing about the city is its cleanliness as it is voted as the China’s cleanest city. You will find plenty of attractions in Xiamen and the countryside offers spectacular scenery and beaches.

  1. Gulangyu Island

If you want to spend your day on the sunny beaches while resting on yellow sand then this place is definitely for you. Gulangyu Island is an elegant place to spend some good time with your family and soul-mate. Gulangyu Island is spread over an area of 1.78 square kilometers and located just opposite to the Xiamen City across the sea. The Xiamen is the home of about 20,000 people and it is one of the popular tourist spot of China. You can also visit to the Sunlight Rock and Shuzhuang Garden. So, have a great time at Gulangyu Island.


  1. Hulishan Battery

If you are seeking for a place where you can spend a whole day while visiting historic places and having great food then I would suggest heading to Hulishan Battery. The Hulishan Battery lies to the South of Xiamen City and it covers more than 70,000 square meters area. The place is full of barracks, tunnel, magazine and other fortified buildings and all surrounded by a granite wall.


  1. Jimei

Jimei is the hometown of Mr. Chen Jiageng who is a renowned educator and leader of overseas Chinese. Jimei is located in the North of Xiamen city, 17 kilometers from the city centre.  Jimei is situated at the foot of Tianma Mountain facing the sea from three of sides. The place falls into the category of pretty natural sites with essence of tradition and civil people. The place is known as the study centre, so it is full of academic institutions which are running from hundreds of years.


  1. South Putuo Temple

Heading to Xiamen then I would suggest you to take a visit to South Putuo Temple situated at the foot of Wulaofeng and facing the beautiful sea. The place is sounded with visitors all the time and it is considered as one of the top attractions of Xiamen. The South Putuo Temple is of Lord Buddha and if you are not interested in Buddhism then you can stroll to the place. Here you will find a refreshing market with plenty of places where you can sit and eat many delicious dishes. Also you can buy some beautiful art piece from the local market. The Temple covers 30,000 square meters area and offers a peaceful environment to the visitors.


All above mentioned places are considered as one of the top attractions of Xiamen. Xiamen is the city with rejoice environment, here you will get all things which you want at your holidays. So, spend some good time and stroll to the streets of Xiamen.

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