Explore Auckland: 5 Things to Do

Explore Auckland: 5 Things to Do

Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand and also the gateway to New Zealand. By many international surveys and reports Auckland is considered as one of the top 10 cities in the world to live in. To take the wonderful 360 degree view of the city you can move to the gardens and hill tops which were volcanoes in the past. Auckland is situated in between the two large harbours and therefore it has the highest number of boats per capita, and that’s why city is known as the ‘City of Sails’. You can enjoy many water activities such as surfing, boat-sailing, snorkeling etc. and other than water activities you can visit many art galleries, theatres, museums, top class restaurants and five-star hotels. So there is lot to do in Auckland, just you have to make a list:

  1. Queen Street & Downtown

Auckland is the city not too small and not too big, if you are looking for a place from somewhere you can shop or just look around then go to Queen Street in Auckland. It is the commercial area of the city where you would get everything you wants. You can stroll to the boutiques, shopping complexes, malls, restaurant etc.


  1. Mt Eden

Take a search of some pictures of Mt Eden and you will fall in love with the place. Mount Eden is paradise for those who love to roam around natural places far from the busy life of the city. You can walk with your soul mate hand in hand on many walking trails and believe me the scenic beauty won’t let you leave the place.


  1. Sky Tower Complex and Casino

Want to experience the thrill of casino then I would suggest you to head to the Sky Tower Complex and Casino as it is one of the best places of Auckland which offers fantastic experience to the visitors. The building provides a great reference point wherever you are in the city. This building is the tallest building of the Auckland having height 328 meters. For the adventure seekers it is one of the worthy places in Auckland.


  1. Auckland Museum

Make sure to reserve sometime for the visit to the Auckland Museum as it is the place where you would get the information regarding the ancient time, culture and tradition of the Auckland. It is really 3 museums on one site namely NZ Cultural Museum, Natural History Museum and War Museum. Each museum has its own significance and they are very much popular among the visitors.


  1. Water Front Café

Looking for a perfect place to eat and taste every flavor of Auckland then head to Water Front Café. The café starts at 8:00 am till late and remains opened for 7 days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all are the specialty of the place. The surrounding of the café is spectacular and you would not feel annoying to pay for this expensive place. So, head there with someone you love and make your day best.


Auckland is the wonderful city to spend some time with family and friends; even if you are coming alone then still you would not get bored here. Auckland is the paradise for every adventure seeker and nature lover.

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