5 Top Things to Do in Lijiang Old Town

5 Top Things to Do in Lijiang Old Town

Yunnan is one of the most attractive destinations in china; a huge amount of tourist came here every year. This place has specific things for the different kind of people’s taste; here you can feel the nature from very close. The old Lijiang town is the most beautiful place of the Yunnan here the topography of Tiger Leaping Gorge and picturesque lake of Dali will surely take your heart from your chest. This place is only few hour away from the “roof of the world”. I must say you’ll get fall in love with this place at first sight so try to keep your heart in control while visiting this place. UNESCO also marked this place as on the world heritage site, here you can experience the past as well as the present life of china. Here five most beautiful places are described below:

  1. A Visit in the Old Town

The first thing you will do when you reach at this place is take a visit to the old town, this place is the treasure of unique architecture, beautiful buildings and gorgeous government offices. Not only has the beautiful architecture here can you also find magnificent hotels, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy your whole night.


  1. Jade Dragon Snow Mountains

This mountain range is situated 25 km away from the old Lijiang town, these are the small mountains range, and it is of about 5,596 meters. This is one of the most beautiful places for the visitors; they just forget all their mental tension and stress over here and just get lost in the beauty of this place. Here you can also have the cable ride so that you can have more beautiful view of this place.


  1. Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool is one of the most photographed places in china; you can have view of this place in every brochure related to tourism, this place is about 1 km far from the center of old town, here you can find the perfect and beautiful symmetry of nature and human designing. Here you can easily find local people playing Chinese chess and majhongg.


  1. Naxi Concert Hall

Naxi concert hall and Lijiang is the home for naxi ethnic minority people, this place is specially known for the musical and artistic side. Here in the time slot of 8 to 10 PM you can enjoy the Naxi musical cultural show performed by the Naxi Orchestra which consist of members of all the age groups.


  1. Visit Naxi villages

Visit to Naxi villages is the most adventurous thing to do in Lijiang, while doing this you can explore the culture of them and each and every specialty of these people. You have to take a tourist van for your visit to this place and if you don’t want to miss anything at this place then you should hire a student or local for a day so that he can tell you each and every thing about this place.


This is all about this place one should visit this place in their life time and experience the beauty of china.

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